22nd October 2018 / Jeremy Rix

Decision fitness helps you win

Decisions are the building blocks of successful strategy. The ability to make good quality decisions – which lead to consistently better outcomes – is a key attribute for organisations that wish to survive and thrive in uncertain and unpredictable marketplaces.

We call this ability Decision-Fitness®.

The application of the Decision-Fit® approach gets organisations to the best answer, whilst also ensuring that the right people are involved in the decision, creating a consensus on the way forward and a commitment to action and follow-through.

OKO's Decision Track is our flexible decision-making framework, based on decades of insight and consulting experience. Using this framework increases individual and organisational Decision-Fitness® and improves decision-making success.

Our framework is composed of nine key elements, in three phases:


Immersion. 'Having your ear to the ground', being in a position to understand the changes, shifts, opportunities and threats that are likely to trigger the need for a decision

Trigger. Assessing the specific insight which triggers the need for a decision, assessing the root causes of the problems or challenge, or the scope of opportunity presented

Frame. Developing the appropriate frame for the decision, understanding the purpose of the decision, how it should be presented, what type of decision is to be made and within which parameters, and developing success criteria


Evidence. Filling information gaps, identifying internal biases, and sourcing relevant insights which are needed to make the decision

Options. Challenging existing assumptions, creative development of the range of options that could be taken

Evaluation. Understanding the implications of each option, prioritising according to business and customer benefit


Decision. Applying judicious and objective thinking, reviewing against success factors, creating consensus, agreeing on the decision

Implementation. Agreeing actions, assigning responsibilities, agreeing a schedule

Review. Conducting staged reviews of the decision and actions against success criteria Underpinning the framework are three additional considerations:

Purpose. Organisational strategy and the decision’s alignment to this

Culture. Organisational culture from a decision-making perspective, how Decision-Fit® the organisation is

Collaboration. Involving the right people in the decision, to ensure that the decision leads to committed follow-through

A culture of Decision-Fitness® helps organisations make better decisions at all scales – from one-off, high-value, strategic decisions through to the thousands of individual decisions that enable the organisation to operate successfully on a day-to-day basis.

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