Hello, we’re oko

We’re an insight and innovation agency. We can help you break new markets, develop more compelling propositions, win new customers and differentiate your business more clearly. With OKO, you get Clear Insight, Creative Thinking and Commercial Application.

New proposition development

“They truly think outside the box; creative and commercial in equal doses... very refreshing“

Developing new products

“OKO gave us deep insight into our customer challenges before running ideation sessions that really kick-started our innovation program”

Implementing an NPD approach

“Insights are only actionable if it’s clear what needs to be done. OKO’s work gives us a vision of the future by uncovering the problems of today"

Developing a clear market strategy

“Innovative reporting providing clear priorities on strategic direction“

Setting up an innovation function

“Oko gave us a systematic approach to innovation addressing business challenges with social solutions“

Innovating to create new income streams

“Oko give us clarity on our customers’ needs, and creative techniques to generate new business ideas“

Driving customer loyalty

“Oko help us to look at doing things differently... We like that a lot“

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